Have you tried Totally RAD! actions?

They are some of the best ones I’ve tried!  I do not process my images heavily, so I needed something that does a good job and that I can make as subtle (or as crazy) as fit my tastes.  AND by “good job” I mean it doesn’t blow out my images or pixelate them… unless of course that is what I am aiming for :)
The actions are quick too – have you ever had those actions that stop every few steps to get you to adjust something OR worse, after you’ve run it you can’t get back to your original image if you don’t like the effect?   no problemo here!!

I also need something that has basic workflow tools like cooling and warming images, brightening or bringing a pop or clarity to the image, not just the fun stuff (although it has TONS of that too).

For those that like to process outside of Photoshop, they have Lightroom presets… and their new textures look gorgeous!

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