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Rustic Newborn Bed Prop

$60.00 — $90.00

Rustic Newborn Bed Prop!

Available in 3 finishes:  Raw Cedar, Dark Stained Cedar, or Dark Stained Pine
Cedar wood is very rough and lends  a great rustic feel to portraits.  Cedar varies widely from board to board.
Pine wood, while still rustic, is a higher grade (quality) of wood and is smoother and softer.
But each wood has beautiful characteristics!

Measures 19L x 11W x 10H at headboard  (the flat portion measures 5″ off ground)

Click on thumbnails to see different views of the bed.  You’ll also notice how each wood piece has a unique look and how the grain pattern shows thru the stain.  Use drop down box to select the finish for your bed.
NOTE- beds are purposely made to look rustic.  We use untreated, unsanded wood so there is a roughness to the edges to lend great texture to images.

Wood is natural and each piece soaks in stain differently, lending to the beauty of natural wood grain.  Also you’ll notice cedar soaks in stain much darker than pine (we actually use the same stain).
Raw beds are not treated at all – you finish them as you like (only available for Cedar wood).

Shipped flat to save cost AND ship it safer :) Fully assembled here to make sure everything goes together well… then shipped flat with screws and predrilled holes to re-attach headboard and footboard.
Shipping is $15 to US.

Contact for shipment to Canada (looks to be about $38) or Australia ($60)

Beds are made as they are ordered – usually on the weekend following – so please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery :)
Plan ahead!