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Delicate Mohair Knit Wraps and Flower Headbands

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These delicate wraps are the perfect newborn photographer’s prop. Wraps are made of gorgeous, soft mohair yarn for a beautiful compliment to newborn skin. They provide a delicate covering that allows skin to peek through for a very soft and cozy feel.  (keep in mind that pictures showing each color are folded and will appear lighter when unfolded and the open knit shows :)  )

Measuring approx. 24”x12” (unstretched), they are the perfect size for wrapping or layering over baby in a variety of ways. (Model is about 3 weeks old) .

Also have the delicate mohair flower headband as a matching accessory or by itself!  Ends of the headband tie so it can adjust to various sizes. (Approx 27 inches long when untied.)

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