Savvy Entries

May 13, 2011

We apologize for the technical difficults at Blogger, and we decided to host the entries here for the Savvy Photographer Giveaway!  Giveaway extended thru the weekend…

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Tori Nefores: My best marketing move thus far has been creating a Facebook fanpage for my business. I've gotten a lot of great new clients from it.

carrie tucker: Best marketing idea, making small new mom gift bags for new moms and donating them to a local hospital with all my info in them.

carrie tucker: Worst.....Craigslist and pretty much giving away everything to get a client

carrie tucker: Posted about this giveaway on my Facebook page.

Danielle Simone: My best marketing so far is my model calls. I ask for models and provide everyone who enters with a $50 portrait credit. I only choose a few, but the others book sessions because they have the credit :)

Bobbie Lyons: My best marketing idea was referral cards... any client who refers me to a friend that books and completes a session, gets a gift certificate from me! I have to say, clients LOVE it and they really work!

Bobbie Lyons: Worst move... a contest for clients to send in their favorite family photo, they took, and win a session... not too many takers....

Bobbie Lyons: I spread the love on Twitter and Facebook!

Carolyn Fulginiti: Best.. Blogging ..

Carolyn Fulginiti: Worst.. Doing nothing.. Its always better to try a new marketing idea rather than do nothing at all

Carolyn Fulginiti: Tweeted about the contest... @carolynster ...Congrats on the updated blog!

Janice Kervin: My best marketing idea was trunk shows with an up and coming children's clothing designer in my town. We had everyone pay a small fee, get a 5x7 pic free and a gallery to choose other images from, and a discount on the clothes! It worked like a charm and got lots of people interested in family portrait shoots. :)

Janice Kervin: Worst - using only facebook to announce a photography display I had going on... I should have used newspaper, fb, blog, etc. etc.

Janice Kervin: Tweeted -!/JaniceKervin/status/68555246871388160

Claire Cox: My best marketing idea ... well there hasn't been much yet, but it has been word-of-mouth and Facebook. I want to market more pretty soon!

Claire Cox: One of my worst ideas... not for marketing as much as it was out of necessity for me was to do a trade. They ended up wanting to really take advantage and it just didn't go very well. Live and learn.

Claire Cox: And I tweeted about this contest earlier in the week. :) Really hoping to win as this would REALLY help me out! Thanks so much for hosting!

Debbie Ellis: best marketing idea...word of mouth...make lots of friends and connect with non profits to give to the community. :)

Debbie Ellis: worst marketing idea? having sales. If you have sales, people will always be waiting for the next sale.

Thresa Ruggles: Best marketing idea was becoming a "business partner" with an area high school to offer specials to faculty and staff and get the "inside link" to recruit students for senior picture reps.

Thresa Ruggles: Worst idea; Do a free shoot with the promise of them "recommending others to me"... once it's free they have gotten what they want with no strings attached in their eyes.

Thresa Ruggles: Shared giveaway on my facebook page!

Amy Susi: My best marketing idea suprises even me. Craigslist. I am in a vactioning area and a lot look up a photog from other areas. I keep an ad up however, I do not cheapen the ad. I keep it at full price, with maybe a 'get a keychain free when mentioning this ad'

Amy Susi: the worst would be the newspaper. I paid good money for an ad, and recieved nothing. It was a quarter page full color ad and still, nothing.

Amy Susi: I posted on my blog under current contest =-)

Ashley: My best marketing has been by joining other business owners and cross promoting. Also, Facebook and constant blogging has helped me in ways I didn't expect.

Jamie Hutchings: The best marketing for me has been to put my information on local neighborhood forums. I have gotten a lot of work in just the last couple of months from these forums.

Jamie Hutchings: Worst marketing....not bringing my business cards to a blogger event! Oops!

Amie: I don't have much yet , but my best idea was simple, just to let people around me know I am a photographer.