Thank you for your purchase from Marketing and Props for Photographers!

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Check your email for a receipt and expect about 2 weeks for your prop purchase to arrive.
Let me know when you receive it, and of course please share pics with us when you get to use it :)  You can email me or just post ‘em to the fan page!

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If you purchased a bowl:
A few quick tips on using your bowl…
as with any container you put babies in, you’ll probably have to stuff blankets in the bottom so baby doesn’t sink down where you cannot see her (and it’s more comfortable).
You also might notice the bowls are not all flat on the bottom – the molds for the bowls were cast from real wooden bowls and to maintain their uniqueness and authenticity, the molds were not re-shaped.  This makes them beautiful but sometimes a little wobbly on a hard surface – simply roll up a small cloth and place it under one side – this stopped mine from rocking perfectly!

If you purchased a bed:
A few tips on using the beds… the beds were intended for newborns only, not wiggly toddlers or grown children.  Also to keep the rustic charm, the wood used for the beds is raw and unsanded – this means there are some rough edges.  You should use a blanket or other covering between a newborn and the bed AND you should be careful not to drag your blankets/wraps across the bed as they may snag :)

Finally – I really appreciate referrals – I hope you will tell your friends about Marketing and Props for Photographers!