PepperLu faux floor mats – Review and Giveaway!

June 21, 2011

Giveaway winner:  Jodi Elkins
- congrats!!

Review {and discount!}… PepperLu Faux Floor Mat

Let me start by saying that I spent just a tiny amount of time at Imaging this year, but I visited the PepperLu booth and fell in love…  when I got back I ordered…got my faux floor mat from  PepperLu and decided to test it out.

I ordered the Old School floor mat…   mat was rolled up in a large tube for shipping – slipped out and flattened very nicely – no wrinkles or folds from having been rolled up!   The image is superb – rich colors and textures, the surface is smooth and satiny but not shiny at all.  The material reminds me of a heavy duty mouse pad, which I like – it has some weight to it, which is nice for kids stomping around, and I don’t think it will slip and slide around like my muslins sometimes do on a slick floor.  Storage?  Just roll them back up!

From PepperLu:  PepperLu faux floor mats are made with a 25% lycra / 75% polyester blend fabric and 100% natural rubber.  When you’re done with them you can simply roll them up and move them.They are durable, easy to clean and they don’t wrinkle. They also don’t produce an unwanted light reflection that some vinyl backdrops or floors have.  All mats can be washed in a washing machine on cold and laid out flat to dry. Multiple washings may fade the color.

At 54″ wide x 72″ long – the mat is perfect for children and small family photography.  I am not sure I could fit more than 3 or 4 people but they do have a larger mat that is 10 ft wide – just for that purpose!

So how is it in action?  I love it!  Beautiful wood floor that lays flat and stays put – adds a nice warmth to an image without looking too fakey and prop-y.

I tried to show the absence of shine from the lights in the next 2 images angling from straight above (light left) and looking up toward her (and the light).

Draw backs:

  • Chairs (like the one above and probably shoes) create indentations in the floor since it is made of rubber… not permanent of course but you do notice it’s not hard wood this way.
  • It is not designed for groups or wide angle photography – being 6 feet wide this is a small group set up at most- perfect (and quite large) for what I do, but maybe not so much for large group photography.  BUT YOU CAN PURCHASE THE NEWLY AVAILABLE LARGER MAT WHICH IS 10 FEET WIDE!
  • The mat rolls up nicely and quickly for storage (or just a change of props), but when you pick the roll up it folds – much like a heavy carpet?  This is not a problem for use at all, but I would not be able to store upright unless I wrapped it around a pole or something.

This is a great addition to my studio!  I LOVE the look, the depth, the rich color, the realistic image, the ease of use and ease of storage compared to other options I have.  I think it will be a snap for on location photography as well since I don’t have to worry about wrinkling or slippery surfaces.  And I love that it is washable – especially photographing newborns!

Get yours at PepperLu Photography Adornments

{pssssst I talked them into a 15% discount thru July 22nd! use code “lifesimages:) }

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Christine Kozlik: Your mats are amazing! The distressed barn wood is my favorite!

kayla: Would die to have this! Its beautiful! I need things like this. Right now I just use sheets as backdrops and floor cover!

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