FOREMOST IMPACT: $50,000+ for local charities over the 8 years of the project!


Comparisons are between before and after my calendar project.

Direct response:

  • Over 150 families per year apply to be in the calendar
  • I photograph over 70 of them either directly for the calendar or at special “calendar inspired events”
  • 40+ businesses have supported the calendar in sponsorships

Response online:

  • Web traffic has tripled since before the calendar,
  • The calendar website and press I receive for the calendar (both of which provide organic links and mentions of my business) has boosted my website seo rankings so people find me faster online!

Studio revenue increase of 308% in revenue from sessions not directly related to the calendar

Studio clientele increase of 417% in the actual number of clientele

It felt great to make that donation knowing that one person with little experience in fundraising, new to the community, but full of passion can make a difference with hard work.  The Hope Calendar was truly a community project as its success was based largely on the efforts of the participating families, volunteers and business owners who took part just for the love of charity and children.  Beyond the marketing and publicity opportunities, experiencing the generosity and faith in people at every stage reminded me why I love photographing people in the first place. They are beautiful!


Having relocated my business just one year earlier, the Hope Calendar played a vital role in gaining awareness and a strong foothold in my new market. It offered great opportunities for press and announcements that were much more interesting to news sources and to the community than a grand opening or award.
See some of the news in which the calendar (and my business) has been featured.

The calendar itself provides an additional and powerful source of marketing and branding. There are 2000 calendars in the area, many hanging in local stores, each containing my contact information and a prominent example of my work on display.

The calendar project with its successful result as well as the press coverage also lends credibility to my status as a professional.  I think it reinforces the picture of a business-woman involved in her community, capable of getting results, and competent in her craft.

It’s been such a great opportunity that I am sharing it with you.

You can download a free guide or the full marketing packet (with step by step instructions, templates, examples and the full 28 pages of the calendar for Photoshop).