Hi, I’m Debi owner of Life’s Images and the Hope Calendar.  I love black and white photography and have enjoyed photographing maternity, newborn and family portraits for 15 years.  9 years ago I was blessed with the opportunity to move to a new city and take my photography to full time status.  It was challenging to go full time AND move at the same time as I wasn’t able to rely on my previous connections and clientele.  I have found though that a passion for my business (yes I said “business” not just “photography”) is paying off and the charity calendar you will read about here was a great jump start for that – fueling not only my business but my inspiration and motivation and passion!
See the impact it had on my business here.

My experience with my own charity calendar:

I am the owner and creator of the “Hope Calendar”, and I am sharing that creation with you in hopes that it will pave an easy path to your own charitable project for your business.  The Hope Calendar is a 12 month wall calendar featuring local children and my portrait photography with 100% proceeds being donated to a favorite community charity.

The calendar project began as a way for my business to give back to the community in a bigger way than I could possibly do alone. It was conceptualized to involve the community by featuring area children and being sponsored by local businesses so participants would feel a sense of involvement – ownership in the project.

I headed up my first charity calendar fundraiser in 2007. It was a LOT of work! I had to do the work of photographing and producing an entire calendar, deal with participants, deal with sponsors, be responsible for all the retail sales of the calendar … all things that frankly I knew nothing about! I was doing it alone so I had no tips, no one to turn to for advice or guidance.

Participants and your charity expect professional communication; sponsors expect to know their money is going to a reputable and professional person with a PLAN (and paperwork) – you can’t just wing it! You must be organized and more importantly you must appear organized and look like you know what you are doing, if you hope for people to get involved with your project! That is where this marketing plan/guide come in handy!

I ran a complete and even bigger calendar campaign the next 7 years and it was a LOT easier – because I used the same templates and samples that are in this packet!