Charitable Marketing for Photographers
Good for your heart, good for your business!

Since I’ve created my charity calendar my photography business quadrupled and I’ve raised over $50,000 for charity over 8 years!

You don’t have to choose between your heart and your business… Use your talents to get involved in your community, in your OWN way.  Do charitable work WHILE you market and brand your photography business.
The charitable marketing guide and templates will show you how step by step.

A charity calendar project allows you to bring in TONS more contributions for your favorite cause than a simple auction donation or a weekend photo event for donations.  You are involved on your own terms and you can feel free to spend the time getting involved because it will also be good for your business.  You will also save a lot of frustration and dollars trying to get your name out in other people’s publications because now you have your own!
(See how it impacted my own business here)

So to produce a calendar… where does one start?

Depending on the energy you want to commit, the project can range from very simple to quite complex!  I have done 6 complete calendars campaigns all by myself, so it is a completely do-able project.  To be most effective you can from a business perspective… you can use all the help you can get.  That’s where these come in handy:

The free basic marketing guide - steps to take and basic tips – making even your first year more successful than starting from scratch.


The complete charity marketing pack with step by step tips and guidance, forms and contracts, marketing and design templates for 2014

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