June 17, 2011

**continued from The Plan*

It’s hard but it’s ALL YOU.

I am not saying losing weight is easy because it is not – most of your battle will be with your own mind but that doesn’t make it any easier.

Eating is ingrained in our society, in our culture, in our minds as a reward, as a socializing tool, as a comfort… so it is perfectly natural that you will grieve the loss of some foods, get insanely jealous that your husband just ordered cheese fries, get down right mad with tears streaming down your face that the party you are attending has NOTHING you can safely eat.  Let yourself cry and then go get that protein bar from your purse because they can all kiss your skinny BUTT later on!  When you’ve lost your first 5lbs it will be easier to draw on that success to keep you going, you’ll know how good it feels, but until then just trust in the process and have FAITH IN YOU!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “but I can’t eat a chicken sandwich without mayo and I HAVE to have my cheese”  Well I am here to tell you YES YOU CAN – do you really think that you CANNOT live without mayonaisse?  How silly is that?  But I understand – heck I’ve been saying that stuff for 10 years myself !   “I love food, I can’t eat lettuce for the rest of my life.”  It is quite silly to think that you’ll only eat lettuce for the rest of your life.  There are other choices but you are refusing to see them because you are putting limits on yourself.  You CAN do it – the difficulty is making up your mind that you WANT to :)

And funny thing about WANT and WISH – they are ultimately helpful in defining where you want to go but you have to take action, YOU have to take the steps down the path.  And if you REALLY want to, you will!  Don’t give up your power by saying “I can’t!”

In fact YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE  that CAN do it!  It is up to YOU – no one, no thing, can do it for you.  And that makes it a big responsibility because if you don’t do it – you have only yourself to blame… and that is a hard pill to swallow.  It is available to each and every person, one of the few things in life that you have absolute power over.  USE IT!


Further notes if you aren’t tired of reading yet!
Just random new things I’ve learned or realized
since originally writing this article:

Go cold turkey -  A behavior takes about 3-4 weeks of solid committment and repetition to become a HABIT.  I recommend anyone trying a new eating regimine stick to it STRICTLY for at least a month.  Everyone says “well I should be able to have ONE cookie” and that is true later on, but for now you need to teach your body that healthy food is good and that YOU are in control of what goes in your mouth, not your subconscious.  I think it also a detox time for your body because when you rid your body of sugar and fat, it cries for sugar and fat – let it cry and when it’s appropriate you can incorporate those things in to your diet ON YOUR TERMS.

Weight training  – (to come)


Wonderslim (food that I used for 2 months – it was a good initiation for me but I’ve told you what I eat now so it isn’t necessary :)  it’s a little spendy)

Protein Powder that I use (milk based; there are soy based ones, but I read milk based is better) for shakes and making my own bars

Food ideas – fat free but you may have to sub some protein in there at some point!

Work out -
30 Day Shred (Amazon or Walmart) – actually I fell in love with Jillian Michaels and have several of her workouts :)
No More Trouble Zones
Ripped in 30

Just a fun exercise page -

Just for inspiration – books I am loving

Strength Training for Women (be prepared to be schooled!)

Winning by Losing (Jillian beginning weight loss)

Ebook called Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle – again you’ll get schooled!

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