International Ordering

December 31, 2009

International Ordering

International Orders are taken only during designated weeks at Marketing and Props for Photographers.  Do not order until you’ve read the info below and contacted me first!
For Alaska and Hawaii – you may order at any time BUT THERE ARE ADDITIONAL CHARGES so contact me first!

***Special note for Canadians at bottom of page, so that you may order at any time***

Why International week?

So here’s the deal with international shipping.  And I only want to explain it so that you understand why International Week  is necessary :)

The regular shipping department cannot ship internationally.  So for these orders, I have to ship the item(s) to another location to repackage and ship out to you.  This involves a lot of extra time and cost – in the extra shipping time, buying boxes and packing materials, actual shipping costs.  And the boxes are not small so that adds to time and cost for shipping (and storage area).   Note that I do not charge handling charges, all charges are actual costs that I incur in shipping the items.

My first thought was to do away with international shipping but that leaves a lot of my friends disappointed.  Also, I think it is a really good opportunity for them to set their studios apart seeing as how these props will be really rare since they seem so difficult to acquire!  So I want to offer them.  But I can only do that if I offer “International Weeks” so all the extra steps are at least organized.

I’ll be frank – international shipping, esp overseas,  is costly and delivery times are long – a week to get to me and anywhere from 2-4 weeks to get to you depending on postal factors.

I also learned that any damages incurred during shipping essentially come out of my pocket because the claims process is designed to discourage claims – I am pretty sure!  I’ve been lucky and only had one incident but it was an expensive lesson.

So how does International Week work?
I will announce on facebook and via email when International Week will be (email me if you want to be on the list  During this week I will take orders from international clients.  At the end of the week I will submit the bulk order to be shipped to me.  When I receive them I will prepare each bowl to ship out to you.

We just had International Week in May 2012… it will be a while for our next one :)
**Please note that we will still be able to ship to CANADA as it does not require an overseas carrier**

Next International Week will probably be in 2013.

Estimated costs for one bowl:   Europe $65, Australia $75

Canada – special note

We are trying to find ways to make international shipping easier… we have a new method in “testing” right now, but at this time the following seems to make the most sense for the least cost:

I noticed that several Canadians would ship to friends who would then deliver them, but some of you don’t have friends to accept packages for you.  Then I saw someone using a company similar to the ones below…
Looks like a promising way to get packages to Canada  AND not have to wait for International Weeks to come along  :)

These services charge fees but I think it is still be cheaper than the international process we have to use now.  For comparison – one bowl shipped to a US address is $15, shipped to Canada is $45 using the process we use right now.  You can use that to compare with the fees they might charge below.

I know that people have used the first 2 services listed without a problem – but it is up to you to investigate!