Happy Holiday Giveaway!

December 22, 2010

Happy Holiday Giveaway!

When the facebook fan page reaches 3500 fans I’ll give away a $50 gift certificate toward a newborn prop bowl!
{Winner randomly chosen – Laura Flores!!!}

Suggest to your photographer friends -  facebook fan page so we reach 3500 FAST!  FB, twitter, blog???


PHOTOGRAPHERS ONLY (this will be verified as well).

Shelly Plowman: amazing give-away! Everyone needs one of these!!!!!

Renee Cain: Would love to win! Merry Christmas!

Morgan Kervin: Would love to have more of your fabulous bowls!

Marlene LeBaron: I wanna win!!!

Lori Edler: I am a hobbyist photographer, but do not have a website. Just a facebook account, Love your stuff!

stephanie krupicka: Would love to win a bowl!

Ronda Bragg: Hope to win a bowl! LOVE the ones I have gotten already!

Keri Jolley: I'm a fan on facebook!

Crystal Qualls: Hope to win!

Jody Thompson (Photography): I am a fan on fb. Would love to win one of your bowls.

Lesli Hampton: I would love a baby bowl!!

amanda wermers: I am already a fan on facebook! I LOVE the baby bowls!!!

Jessica Janes: Yay!!!! Another shot! This makes like 3-4 times I've tried to win a bowl!! They are amazing and I have several newborns already scheduled for 2011 and would love to offer this!!!!!

courtney weiler: love your stuff!

Katie Fulton: would love love love to win one of your bowls! I love them and missed your sale a while back!

Ali Smith: Count me in! I an just starting to branch out into newborns and would love to have one of your bowls as a gorgeous prop!

Laura Flores: I would love to win a baby bowl!

Tami w.: Merry Christmas! I would love to win!

Cindy Garrett: Would Love to showcase one of your bowls. already a fan on FB.

Kara Heck: I am a facebook fan and would love to win this!! :)


Susan Gorbe: Very cool!!:) I hope to win!!

Kim Harris: Great giveaway. Love prop bowls!

Heather Dailey: Ohhhh... I so want one of these!!!

Livia Wiemann: Your baby bowls are beautiful!

eileen hamilton: Even if I never win anything here, this site and Debi are awesome and I am blessed to have been able to find and work with Debi. /e

Jennifer Stoehr: What an awesome giveaway, congrats on ur fast approach to 3600 and I would love to win :O)

Rebecca: Would love to win :) thx for the contest!! Rebecca

shannon hart: Been in the market for a bowl...would absolutely love one! Thanks!

Jennifer Hosking: I've been wanting one of these!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win! Happy Holidays!

admin: awww - thanks :)

Nicole VanderZyl: Congrats! Would love to win one of your beautiful bowls! Happy Holidays! (And thanks!)

Shannon @ Lifelong Impression: Awesome!!! Congrats on the fans!

Brittney Hansen: Merry Christmas! Hopefully Santa brings a bowl:)

Amanda Fowler (Photography by Amanda): What a nice thing to do! I love your site and the baby bowls!!!

Carey Burns White: OOH! I so want one! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Debbie Anderson: I LOVE these bowls! Would love to win one!!

Darby: Wow! I soooo need one of your beautiful bowls! I would LOVE to win!

Kate Brown: LOVE your bowls! Crossing my fingers! Thanks!

Gretchen Burns: I love these bowls and would be so excited to win!

Carrie: I've been drooling over these bowls for a while...but I don't think Santa is bringing me one :( Will you ship to Canada if a Canadian wins?)

Suzanne Paul: Awsome Happy Holidays :)

Morgan Roy: I have been eyeing these and would love, love, looooovvveee to win this!

Erica M: Wow! This would be absolutely fantastic to win!!! Merry Christmas!

Teresa Sweet Photography: I've been drooling over these bowls for a long time! I have nothing like them and they are FABULOUS!!! Hope I've been good and Santa brings me a bowl (seriously...you don't hear someone say that every day. lol) Only photographers ;P haha GL, everyone & Merry Christmas!

admin: international winners will be shipped in January :) of course it might take that long before we draw!!

Colette: I would love to win. I have yet to do a newborn shoot with any type of props.

Heather Ward: Just starting out with very few props. This would be great addition. I've had my eye on these!!

Cassie Laker: I love these bowls! I just recently started a photography business with my cousin and this would be perfect. It would definitely help with our newborn sessions! Merry Christmas everyone!

stephanie newbold: Wonderful! Thanks for the giveaway!

Michelle L Jones: These are beautiful bowls! I have been looking at them for a while and so hope I win =) thank you for such a wonderful gift!

Jaimie D.: I so need one of these, they are adorable!! What a great prop!

kimmy Howard: love my bowl...it needs a friend :)

Jennilyn Proulx: Count me on! I'm trying to venture into newborns with limited budget, so I can't shy away from a prop! Thanks for the opportunity to possibly win one!

Tammi Scritchfield: I am just starting out with my own photography business...one of these would be soooo awesome!!!! *fingers crossed!!* I am already a fan!

Gayle: I just learned I will be an aunt for the first time...your bowls would be PERFECT for photographing my little niece or nephew!

JodyG: LOVE! I still don't have one of these. I'd love to win!! Fingers crossed!!

Ashley Price: I just opened my business in October, and this would make for a great beginners prop! I have been a fan for a while. Thanks for the awesome give-away! The winner will be 1 lucky person :-) Happy Holidays!

Natalie: I would love to be the excited owner of one of your stunning baby bowls!

Natalie K: Just starting out with very few props. This would be great addition.

Cynthia: Woohoo! Would love a bowl! So excited (:

Maureen P: I am just starting out and have only *one* newborn prop - a basket. I would love to win a bowl!!!

Melissa: Would Love to try one of your bowls!!

Brandy Dawson: I am just starting with newborns! I have like 1 prop and I would love to win one of your bowls! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Merry Christmas! :)

Jennifer Powell Photography: Just received my first bowl and love it. Would love another one.

Nikki: AWESOME! LOVE your bowls!!!

HEATHER: I would really love one!!!

Bethany: New photographer! A bowl would be a fantastic present to bring in the new year. Don't have a website yet, but hoping to get one up very soon! :)

Kimberly Traylor: Would love to have one of your bowls!!! They are beautiful!

Tara D: I would LOVE the chance to win one of your fabulous prop bowls!!!

Nisha A.: Hope I win! :) Merry Christmas

Karissa: would love to win!!

tiffany: Great giveaway!! I have wanted one of these for a very long time!!! Merry Christmas!!

Laura Elyse: I love these bowls!!! Love love love!!!

Corie Bradt: I would love to make one of your bowl part of my collection of props. I am a new photographer. This would be a great addition!

Vicky Johnson: Merry Christmas!!!!! I would love to win one of your wonderful bowls! You are a blessing to so many with how you give back!

Deirdre Courtney: I am a fan on fb.

Jenica Vose: I would love to add this to my infant props! I have been trying to save for one, but winning one would definitely make my xmas brighter!

Nikki M: I love the bowls, and I would love to use them in some upcoming newborn shoots I have. It would be fantastic to win!!

Amy Burkenpas: Love your bowls! This is a great give away..Thank you!

Tara Collyer: I would love to win a bowl for many upcoming newborn shoots!

C Skyy: Happy Holidays from Creative Skyy Photography & Design!!! xo

Katie Waltemeyer: I would love to win one of these!

Julie Jackman: I would love a newborn bowl!! That would be amazing. J Jackman Photography

Yelitza Salazar: I would LOVE the chance to win one of your fabulous prop bowls!!! Merry Christmas..!!

Cherry Long: OH, I hope I win! I hope I win! I love your bowls and would love to add one to my prop collection!

Laura: These props are great! I can't wait to try them myself! :-)

Stephanie C: Oooohhh, what an awesome giveaway!!! Perfect for the holidays!!

Tobie: Thrilled to find you on FB! Could not find any dough bowls at our local antique stores! Also looking forward to using your marketing & calendar tools!

Courtney Hinkel: They are very beautiful...would love to win one!

Fotopesa: I just love your props would be nice to win

Ashlin Buford: I wanna win! It would make me smile and smilings my favorite!

Kayla: This would be great! I've been eying them for a while now :)

jacqui: would love to win one ,they are gorgeous.

April Kolstad: Just starting out and this would be wonderful to help me.

MDS Portraits: Would absolutely love to win!!! Lots of babies coming up in 2011!!!

HEATHER: Really appericate the giveaway, truly a blessing!

Mendi: We've seen an increase in babies lately. I'd love to win a bowl.

Stephanie: Would love to win one of these !!!!

Susan: I would love a bowl!!!

kimmy Howard: i'll take it :)

Christy: I'm ready for my bowl!!

catherine tetreault: Awesome giveaway, love the bowls and I totally wanna win :)

Corrie Broughton: They are such a cool idea

Jessica ables: Me me me!!!!! I want a bowl soooooooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!

Jennifer Owens: That would be wonderful!!! I love these, just haven't been able to get them in my budget yet. This would be a great start to 2011!! :o)

Natasha: I would love a bowl!!

Amber Halliburton: I would LOVE to win a cert. towards one of these amazing bowls!! Perfect for newborns!! :)

Virginia Frank: Hope I win!! :)

Rachel Monroe: Oh I love your bowls, what a great contest. <3

becca lapp: can't wait to get my hands on one of these bowls!

Annessa Baker: Sweet! Love your bowls! :)

Crystal Davis Photography: Would love to start the new year off with one of these fabulous bowls! Thanks for holding the drawing! Fan under facebook.com/cldavis82

Jennifer Hosking: I really REALLY want one of these!!!! :o)

Erica M: Fabulous giveaway!!!! Would LOVE one of your bowls!

karenW: wow! I'd love to win one a bowl - they're wonderful!

Deirdre: Ohhh! Hope I win! Thanks so much! giveawagiveaway

Krasinda: Would love to celebrate the New Year with one of these outstanding bowls, been loving them from afar for way too long, time I get my hands on one! :) Thanks for the giveaway, you rock!

Reyna: ahhh!! would be AMAZING to be able to win! want a bowl sooo bad! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

Jennifer Jenison: I could definitely use one of your bowls to boost my newborn photography!

Loni Newby: I love your selection of baby bowls! I can't wait til I get my first one so I can actually convince my hubby how useful they can be--then I can get more!! lol

Penny C: I would LOVE one of these bowls, desperate for one!

Paula Mitchell-Fankhauser: Good luck to everyone! Have a safe Holiday season!

Amanda Fowler: Omgosh...This is an amazing giveaway/offer! Love it! Thanks!

Jennifer: Need, want, must have one of these bowls!!!!!

Lauren: Would loooooove a bowl! Thanks for the chance! :)

Belinda Olsen: Everything is beautiful, thanks for the opportunity!

Vicki: I have my fingers crossed!!

Danielle Zielinski Photography: I would LOVE on of these bowls as for my empty new studio :)

Laura: Happy New Year! I love the bowls!

Ellen: These are so beautiful...now I NEED one.

johanna flores: I love your bowls! I definitely need one!

Christina: Would love to win a bowl - have lots of newborns coming up including a niece and another niece or nephew! Thanks for the chance to win!

Melissa: Awesome! I would love to win one of your gorgeous bowls!! :)

Kristin Peereboom: Great giveaway!! I would love to win one!!

Christina Zimmerman: I'm a fan! and I need a bowl!!! Hope I win!!

Sherry Bluemel: I would love a new one. I love the one I have so a larger one would be awesome!!!

Shayna Hardy: I would love this, thanks for the contest!

Jess Mauch: Love these bowls! Thanks for the chance to win one.

Shannon Hart: I'm already a fan! Would love to win!

Kevin Walker: I would love a bowl.

Amy Hoogstad: Thanks for the great giveaway! I would LOVE to win - the bowls are gorgeous:)

Mrs. McFadden: I would love to win, I've been checking out your bowls for a while now.

Sarah JP: I am just starting out in the biz and I would LOVE to win something.

rhonda vaughn: already a fan. <3 the bowls!

Corrie Broughton: What an awesome give away

Tina Schrider: I need one of those bowls!!

Candice Howard: I soooo want to win a bowl! :D

Candy Navarrette: Would LOVE one of these! They are beautiful!

Kacie Mitchell: I love these bowls!!! I am friends with you under my personal page but my photography page on facebook is Belly to Baby Photography. I would love to win!!

Dendra: Amazing props. I would love to use them for my photography!

Terra Yates: The bowls are beautiful~ Hope to create some creative photos using them :)

Sarah Wood: I just ordered and am awaiting my first bowl....I'd love to have two!!!

Mendi: Ordered the trencher rectangle this week. Would love to win another. :-)

Staci Kinghorn: The bowls are so amazing! I would love to be able to add one to my prop collection. Thank you!

CDM: Oh, I love your bowls. I would love to add one to my collection of props.

Rebecca Cleary: How exciting! It would be great to start the New Year off with a fabulous new bowl!!

Joie K: Love it, would make for some awesome Photos!!

sarah kannenberg: I have been looking at your products for a while now and would LOVE to own one!

Rebecca M: I love the bowl that i've already bought! would love to add more to my prop collection!

Erin Monroe: thanks for the chance!!

Heather: Would love to win one - they're beautiful!

Beth Sarradet: Thank you so much!

Susan R: Great giveway!

Renee: Having just signed a contract to do hospital newborns this would be an awesome addition:) thanks for this offer they are beautiful.

Fe: Lovely props! Fantastic giveaway! Good luck everyone. xx

YellowHouse Photography: fingures are crossed to win your giveaway! Good luck all!

Keita C: Awesome stuff. Would love to win!

Kaitlyn: I already have two of your bowls, and I'd LOVE to win another! I think they are stunning!!!

Anita Woo: Love your bowls, hoping to order one this month during your international shipping week - I am in Canada!

Brandy: I would love to win-such pretty things!

Maria Cordoba: Love the bowl!!, it's a must have in every photographers prop portfolio!!

Marie-Eve: Would love to win one of your bowl! Fantastic giveaway! :)

Lisa: Great resource for those of us just starting out! Love it!

Holly: Love your bowls. I would love to win one to get my photography business off to a great start for the new year. THANKS!

Brenda Hostettler: I love your bowls, and would love to focus more on newborn photography!

carrie johnson: Love your bowls. Definetely on my wish list for props!

Katie Fulton: would love love love to win one of your amazing bowls!

kate: YAYYYY!!! LOVE the bowls- cant WAIT!! thank u!! :D

Meghan: Would LOVE to get my hands on one of these bowls! Thanks for the great giveaway!

Jaimie lyn Mickalson: Love these bowls.. Would love to win! Thanks for the wonderful contest !

Casey Jumps: I LOVE the bowls ! It would be a great new addition to my studio! :0) Thank you for the opportunity to win one !

Liz Polley: I love these bowls so much!! So pick me to win one!!!!

Kathy L Ward: These bowls look amazing. Thank you for such a great opportunity!

Deborah Kocan: Wonderful contest!! I'd be honored to win! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! Happy new year!

Cindy Konkle: LOVE these bowls, would be a great addition to my (so far) small collection of props!

Kim Little: Love the bowls...Would love to have one

Jennifer Bacci: I have 2 newborn shoots coming up next month and a bowl would be awesome to have!

Lindy: Love the newborn bowls.

Sarb: I just came across your site and LOVE your bowls! I am now a Fan of your Facebook page.

Dana Williams: Love these bowls...

Kim Martin: Love these bowls and would love to try one :D I am a Facebook fan - Kim (Sitler) Martin

Becky: Just starting out so this would be an awesome thing to start with newborn sessions! :)

Danielle: Already a fan on facebook! Great giveaway!!

Deirdre: Fingers crossed! :) hope I win!

Susan Peck: Fabulous giveaway! Fingers & toes crossed for this one...

Tori Warren: Awesome giveaway and awesome merchandise!

Valerie Russell: What a wonderful giveaway~ already a huge fan:) It would make a great bday gift for myself (since this month is my bday)<3!

Kara Parkhurst: I am just starting out - this would be a wonderful asset! Thank-you for the opportunity to enter.

Barb: Love your bowls. Would love to win one!

Jennifer Ratliff: I love the bowls! And would be thrilled to win one :)

Chrissy Farnan: What a great giveaway!! I sure hope my luck is good in 2011.

Rebecca Reeves: Would LOVE to win!! Thanks for the great giveaway!

renee: Love this giveaway! These bowls are beautiful - someone is going to be a very happy photographer!!

Maria Pisano: Love it! Would be wonderful to win one of these gorgeous bowls!

Jackie Charlebois: ME ME ME.. I want one!!!

Tracy Van Zeeland: Another great giveaway! I would love to win one of these precious bowls!! Thanks for the opportunity!

Lisa W.: I would LOVE to have a bowl! Great giveaway!

Natasha: I am in love with these bowls! I would LOVE to win! Thanks for a Great Giveaway!

Kim: I suggested to some photog friends... these bowls are awesome!

shelley lowes: Ohhh! Pick Me...Pick Me!! Lol would love to win...amazing giveaway, thank you!!

Danielle Brasher: Yay for giveaways!!!!

Kate: I love these bowls! It would be such a delight to have one of these, especially as a "just starting out" photographer!

Kaci: Already ordered 2.. would love to have a 3rd! Hope I win!

melissa :): thanks for creating great props! :)

Tammi Scritchfield: What an awesome giveaway! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

Tammi Scritchfield: oops...wrong email address in my last response!

Natalie: The bowls are beautiful! I would love to win!!

Charmion: this is nice would love to win one

Oana Hogrefe: beautiful bowls!

brittany: LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE BOWLS!!!! Can't wait to add to my prop collection. :D

Christina Kennedy: I love the bowls!

liz: Just became a facebook fan! Love your site!! I am only a year in & I have my 3rd newborn shoot next week...I would LOVE this bowl!

Leeann Hadgis: Just got the two bowls I ordered and I LOVE them...would really like more...they are fabulous!

Kelsey: Yay I would LOVE to win!!

danielle nielsen: I have a newborn photo shoot in Feb and have been looking for some great props. One of your wooden bowls would be perfect!

Kelly Ross: I'd love to get one of your bowls!!! Love them!!!

Rebecca Cote: Pick me, pick me! I have been wanting one of these bowls for a long time!