Happy Acres Giveaway!!

April 7, 2011

CONGRATS!  Stephanie Williams

Happy Acres Farm Giveaway!

Marketing and Props and Happy Acres are teaming up this week for a SUPER CUTE giveaway!

1 Lens Bling – winner’s choice – from Happy Acres Farm
a $30 gift certificate to use toward a newborn bowl at Marketing and Props for Photographers!

How to Enter … Apr 11 – 14:

1. Like both Happy Acres Farm AND Marketing and Props on Facebook
2. Leave ONE comment below to say you’ve done so – this is your drawing entry
3. ONE Extra entry (for 2 total) – Suggest this giveaway to your PHOTOGRAPHER friends (email, twitter, FB or in a forum) WITH THE LINK TO THIS POST and leave one more comment saying you’ve done so
4. FIVE Extra entries – Make a purchase April 11-14 at either site and make FIVE separate comments saying you’ve done so!

**prizes are chosen from in-stock items**

Kendall Lauren: BIG fan of both Happy Acres and Marketing and Props on FB <3

Maureen Petru: I like both on Facebook!

Kelly Broyles: I liked both Happy Acres Farm & Marketing Props on Facebook!!!

Kendall Lauren: posted via Facebook with a link back to the post!

Kelly Broyles: I posted the link to other photographers on my Facebook!! Www.Facebook.com/kelkelle

Emily McCombie-Leeman: I have liked both facebook pages!

Carlie Aprill: I liked both ♥Happy Acres Farm♥ and ♥Marketing Props♥ on Facebook!

Christina: Fan of both of you on facebook!

Emily McCombie-Leeman: I posted on my FB Page http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/permalink.php?story_fbid=215673178442973&id=718740286

Rhonda: Liked both pages!

Carlie Aprill: I also posted the link to this giveaway on my FB page :)

Kimi Beltram: I like you both(:

Kimi Beltram: I posted a link to the giveaway on facebook(:

Tabitha: I liked both!

Kaila Knupp: Was already a fan of both! =) Cute giveaway!

Melissa: I am a long time friend of both Happy Acre Farms and Marketing and Props. Would LOVE to win!

Kaila Knupp: I "tweeted" about this on Twitter! (photosbykaila)

Brittney Hansen: Already LOVE you both!

Brittney Hansen: Shared on my page facebook.com/candescentphoto ☼ Thank you!

Bree: I liked both Happy Acres Farm and Marketing and Props! Thanks!

Bree: Also tweeted! @buhtafly

Donna: Liked Happy Acres Farm! Already a fan of Marketing And Props! Super cute give away!

Tatiana Fowler: BIG fan of both Happy Acres and Marketing and Props on FB

Tatiana Fowler: Made a purchase from Happy Acres

Alicia: fan of both!

Susan Fischer: I have liked both on Facebook!

Susan Fischer: i've shared with my photog pals!

Susan Fischer: Just made a purchase from Happy Acres! (so do I post this another 4 times?)

Sasha Grijalva: I "like' u both!

Sasha Grijalva: I shared on my facebook page... facebook.com/sashagrijalvaphotography

Donna: Liked them both!

Sherry C: I liked both pages :)

Tiffany Welch: I already like ya both!

Alana: I am a fan of both pages!

Kate: Liked you both on fb!

Elayne: I like ya

Erin R.: Ya'll are fanned.

Samantha Morgan: You're sooo liked already!!

Samantha Morgan: Just shared your fabulousness with my photog buddies:)

Amy Hall: I'm a fan of both now!

Sammie: I so "like"! Great giveaway

Sarah: This giveaway is so perfect in the simplicity. Already a fan of both. Thanks!

Cindy Kimble: "Liked" both already! Great giveaway!!!

Christy Martin Tsiantos: I LIKE you both. I like you both A LOT!

Teri: I "like" both pages!

Teri: Left the link in the Children's Photography Network FB Group.

Caitlin Kelley-Rose: ♥ this giveaway! Wish it would have been yesterday when I bought my bowl!! :)

Carrie Saindon: I'm definitely a fan of both of you!

Lisa Slocombe: LIKE'D Both!

Lisa Slocombe: SHARE'D on FB!

susan R: like BOTH!

Jessica Tallarico: I've liked both on FB! :)

Hayley Reck: I like both of you! Thank you for the giveaway! :)

Hayley Reck: I posted a message on my Facebook profile. Www.Facebook.com/hayleyreck

Melissa Hill: I already Love you on FB and know i have liked Happy Acres!

Erika: Already like you both! Thanks for the giveaway!

tami mckenney: I like both on FB!

tami mckenney: Posted it on my FB page! http://www.facebook.com/tami.mckenney

Cornelia: How could anyone not like it ????? Their amazing and so so so cute/adorable! "Fantastic Idea!" I liked both on their website :) Thanks for sharing the adorable items you have. Love them all! I shared this posting on my wall with all my friends on FB. ~~~~ Thanks A Bunch ~~~~

Angela: I like both of you on FB!!

Angela: I shared this giveaway on my FB page!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

Tess penelas: I love this work!

Kelly Decoteau: I like both pages on fb!

Jennifer Wilkerson: Love the ideas I have seen on both sites. What a great way to get kids and babies to look at you without stress!

Jennifer Wilkerson: Oh yes, and I "liked" both pages on facebook

melissa mune: already love you both!

melody c: I liked both pages (already liked marketing props) & sent it to a photographer friend!

Stephanie Williams: I have already been a big <3 fan <3 of both & I like y'all too! lol Would love to win a certificate & get me a bowl! <3

melissa mune: I emailed my protog friends!

Corrie: I like both pages!!

Holley Leslie Photography: A fan of Both places!!! And We just opened up a new studio instead of working from home. We also just became members of the Tiny Light Foundation! You should google them sometime :)

Susan Fischer: post #2 regarding purchase

Sierra Negron: liked both pages!! :)

Susan Fischer: #3 I bought the frog. So cute!

Susan Fischer: #4 it will really come in handy as I shoot kids a lot!

Sierra Negron: also suggested this awesome giveaway to all my photog friends on FB!!! :)

Susan Fischer: #5 I dig the bowls too! Very cool.

Tessa Labbe: A big LIKE for both facebook pages ;o]

Riotical Shots: Have both pages liked & posted the link(: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Riotical-Shots-Photography/133629436708018#!/ShutterBuggr/posts/141437569258602

lauren Worman: I liked both pages!

Natalie Cowell: 2 great companies with exciting products!

michele reyes: I "like" both fb pages, thanks for the opportunity- cute stuff! :)

Becky Anderson: Like both pages on FB!

amy mccoy: was already a fan of both! :)

anna: i like both on facebook!

ada: i have been a fan of both pages for a while! :D thanks for the giveaway!

Dana: Ok, just liked happy acres! TOTALLY didn't know about this and think it's the best idea ever.

alison mignery: Already a huge fan of both pages on facebook! :o)

robin: fan of both sites. thanks!

ross: Liked them both.

Tanya: Liked them both!! hehe

Meghan Terry: Fan of both on FB!

Meghan Terry: Shared on my FB profile here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1486188256

Shasta: I'm already a fan of Happy Acres and Charitable Marketing. :D

Shasta: I tweeted it! http://twitter.com/PhilpotPhotos

Studio Bliss: Fan of both!

Misty Croft Lydon: I already like you both:)

Allison: I'm a fab of Happy Acres and Charitable Marketing!! : )

Allison: haha, I meant fan!! I'm a fan. : )

Allison: I posted the link to this post on my FB page!! (the polished paparazzi)

Michelle Murphy: I like Happy Acres Farm and Marketing and Props on Facebook

Michelle Murphy: I shared on Facebook

Stefanie: I am a FB Fan of BOTH!!

Carla Meador: I am a FB fan of both!!! :)

Carla Meador: posted to my profile!!! thanks for the giveaway!!!

Tori L.: I'm already a FB fan of both!

Vicki: Awesome stuff! Liked both of the facebook pages!

debbie: already a fan of both..

debbie: posted giveaway on my fb page

Lauren DuPree: I've liked you both :)

Susie Q: I liked both pages!

Susie Q: Shared on Facebook!

Stacey Warner: Liked happy acres farm

Stacey Warner: Liked marketing and props on fb

Claire: like both ,so cool ,just starting ,so any ideas are great :)

brittany: i like both!!

stephanie Bevan: Liked both pages :)

stephanie Bevan: shared with my friends on facey as well :)

karenW: Yay! I'm a fan of both on FB. The lens blings are such a cute idea, and I *love* the prop bowls. :)

Heather Davis: Liked both on FB!

Heather Davis: Suggested to photographers on FB!

Krystal Marcoux: i like both on fb!

Lauren Honza: liked them both, and love them both!

Krystal Marcoux: posted on fb with a link to both pages and this post

Kara Heck: I already like both on facebook! :)

Kara Heck: I tweeted on twitter! :) http://twitter.com/kara_janelle/status/58202953261129728

Heather: Liked BOTH pages!! How exciting! I love giveaways! =)

Tricia Walker: Liked them both ;)

Bethany: Liked you both on FB!

Jenna D: Am a fan of both Happy Acres & Marketing Props!

Jenna D: I shared the link on Facbook!

JamieU: I "liked" you both on facebook

Stephanie K: Love both of your products! Can't wait to order from you both!

Caren Wilbert: I have liked your page and Charitable Marketing!!!

Caren Wilbert: I have posted a link to my FB Page for your giveaway!!!

Caren Wilbert: I purchased my lens bling today!!! Post 1 of 5

Caren Wilbert: I purchased my lens bling today!!! Post 2 of 5

Caren Wilbert: I purchased my lens bling today!!! Post 3 of 5

Caren Wilbert: I purchased my lens bling today!!! Post 4 of 5

Caren Wilbert: I purchased my lens bling today!!! Post 5 of 5

Alanna: already am a fan of both on facebook!! :)

Annie Simard: Hi! Didn't know about Happy Acres's products, SO LOVELY!!! I want some!! ;)

Sheila: I was already a fan! :) Great giveaway!

Kendall Murphy: I like you both!

Shannon Hawthorne: Already a fan of both on fb!

Shannon Hawthorne: Posted the link on fb!

Stacy Hart: I like both on FB!

Stacy Hart: Shared with my photog friends on FB.

Tatiana F: Made a purchase from Happy Acres (Comment 2)

Tatiana F: Made a purchase from Happy Acres (Comment 3)

Tatiana F: Made a purchase from Happy Acres (Comment 4)

Tatiana F: Made a purchase from Happy Acres (Comment 5)

Amber Louise: Likes both vendors on FB!

Sherrie Strausser: Both sites have realy nice items~