On the way to 5000 – Bowl Blankie Giveaway!

February 18, 2011

When we reach 5000 fans, we turn on the newborn bowl SALE!…
so we are encouraging new “likers” of Marketing and Props FB page,
with a…

Bowl Blankie Giveaway!
Winner:  Emma Braford!!!

Marketing and Props is giving away a Bowl Blankie :)

Brand new colors – your choice of one!

And if you are jealous of the winner – fear not because we have a Bowl Blankie Bonanza in the works!  You’ll want to keep an eye on the facebook page because that is where they’ll be sold :)

How to Enter:

1. “Like” Marketing and Props on Facebook
2. Leave a comment below once you are a fan – this is your entry
3. BONUS – refer your photog-friends and tell them to comment that you referred them (referral entries  MUST BE A PHOTOGRAPHER & a new FB fan) and you’ll both win a blankie if drawn!

***International winners will be asked to pay postage***

Entries End Feb 20th

Jenny Fitts: I've liked Marketing & Props on FB!

Shayla: I liked Marketing and Props awhile back! You guys are awesome!

Kelly: I'm a fan on FB!

Cindal: I'm already a facebook fan

kimmy Howard: I'm a fan :)

Christina Baltazar: i've liked Marketing & Props on FB!

Melisa: I'm a fan!

Shannon: I like you on Facebook!

Amy Redford (serenity Photography): I've been a fan for awhile!!

corina deflumeri: Already a fan of Marketing and Props, I just ordered a trench bowl last week I'm super excited to get it!

Whitney: Big fan!!! & already a fan on fb!

Shawna: I've been liking your page for a while and I still do :)

Rebecca Nelson: I'm a fan on Facebook :)

Leslie Petersen: Already a FB fan! Love your work. Thanks for the giveaway!

Megan O'Keeffe: I am a fan :-)

Simone: I am already a hugh fan and ordered my first blanket. Can wait to get it.

Michele: I'm a fan!

Erin: I'm a fan! :-)

Wendy Valderrama: LOVE LOVE Your bowls and blankies!

Kasey: Already a fan :)

Jenny: Huge fan, love your bowls and blankets!

Valerie: Fan and Love'n your bowls & blankies!!!

Livia Wiemann: I am a fan! :)

sarah: I'm a fan!

Erin Noie: I am already a fan of yours on FB :) Love the blankies!

Amber: Love your bowls and blankies.....huge huge fan :)

Melissa F: Beautiful bowls and BEAUTIFUL blankets!! Like!

Melissa Au: Yeah! I'm a fan! Thanks for the giveaway! I blogged about the 5000 followers sale!

Shannon: I am a fan! Great products.

Maggie coleman: I liked your fb page a few weeks ago! I love your stuff! It's awesome.

Summer L: Already a huge fan! love the blankies

Kelleigh M: already a fan of your fabulous products (and your FB page) ;)

Kami: I'm a fan!!! :)

Megan Morgan: Already a fan! Love your stuff!!!

Alaina N: I'm already a fan!

Tara: I am already a fan! Can't wait to see what you have in the works!

Daniele: I'm already a big fan!

Amanda Schultz: Uhm... Yes PLEASE! I've been a fan for a while now, and am always looking for great 'bowl' blankets... Too cute!

Meri Heggie: Already a fan... love the goodies!

Kellie Agen: Already a fan on fb :)

Melissa Fisher: Already a fan! Love it!

Brooke: already a fan & LOVE the blankets

Denise Bradshaw: I'm a fan!

Treena: Been a fan for quite some time...Love it. phoreverphotography@gmail.com

Kristen Widman: YAY! I was already a facebook fan. Thanks for this giveaway!

Jenna Terrill: Already a fan!!

Amara Cohen: Already a fan on FB. I was needing one of these blankets today for a shoot!

Dana: Beautiful blankets and bowls! This is great! Phorever Photography by Treena sent me!

Kimberly Heath: Been a fan for a while!!! Great stuff!

Sheila Porter: I'm already a fan :)

Leah Sandretzky: Already a Fan!!

Jennifer Changuris: I'm already a fan!!

AT: I'm not only a fan, I'm a BIG fan! I need one of these blankies! I didn't know these existed and have been improvising with other things, like towels, which don't look as nice. Pick me, pick me! :)

HEATHER LEE: Been a huge fan for awhile! Love it!

Angela aman: Love your products! Huge fan!

Allison Anderson: Already a fan! I love the blue blanket!

Tara Picken: I'm already a fan and LOVE, LOVE the blankets.

Brittney Hansen: Love your stuff, fan forever:)

morgan: i'm a fan and was referred by kelleigh macevicius! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

Angela Adams: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I told everyone I know! <3 I "LIKED" your page and told everyone to do the same!

Kim: I'm a fan!

Brandy Williamson: I'm already a FAN....... Love these products!!!

stephanie: So sweet and cuddly, thanks for the opportunity!

Laurie: I'm already a huge fan....your items are awesome, love them all1

Mendi: All ready a fan. <3 the blankie, it would be perfect for my rectangle trencher. Sending more photogs your way.

Melissa S.: I'm a fan

erin: im a fan!

Blaire: I am a fan!

Ashley Schneider: Already a fan of you guys!! What a great giveaway!

Francesca: I am a fan! Great stuff.

Katherine Atkinson: been a fan on FB for a while! I'm lovin' my bowls and trenchers. I am keeping my fingers crossed to win one of your gorgeous blankies!

Jennifer: I'm a fan! Great giveaway!!

Tracy Smith: Wow, I'm new to your site, love your products. I'm in the beginning stages of starting my business, and would love a new bowl or blankie!

Becky: I'm a fan :)

Geri Bragg: Already a big fan !! Would love one of these blankies ! =)

Lindsey: Already a fan on FB!

Tiffany Hasenohr: Fan on Facebook!

Nita: Recently discovered your FB page & love what I'm seeing. Would love to win one of these blankies

Eliza: Fan on FB.

Dee Hunter: I'm a fan!!!

Patricia Howell: Would love these (I "like" you on facebook)

Traci Ryant: New facebook fan! :)

Gwen: I'm a very recent fan. :) Will suggest to photographer friends right away!

Amy Hall: Already a fan!!!

Maria Cordoba: I'm a an on FB!

Courtney Ryan: Love the bowls and blankets! amazing, would love to add to my collect of props!

Charlene: I'm a fan on FB! :)

Fabrizio Ferrian: Wonderful products!!

Erin O'Keefe: I am a huge fan and love all of you stuff!

Lori Edler: I'm a fan on FB!

Heather Strickler: I *like* you on FB!

Heather Strickler: Gwen sent me!

RP: I am a new fan and love your products!

Amanda: Already a fan :)

kristi stone: I'm a fan on fb!

Misty Dawn: I'm already a fan! Love the blankies and bowls!

Santina: new fan. great props!

Angela Aman: I have been a fan and love love love your bowls! Your products would be a great addition to my prop collection!

stephanie krupicka: Already a fan!! :)

Cathy: I am a FAN ! And I am amazed at the bowls and props so much fun to be had !

Wendy: I'm a fan!

Natalie Shorak: I am totally a FAN!!! Love all your stuff!! Charlene Potts sent me, and it's awesome!

Emma Braford: Was already a fan on facebook but just liked you with my business page since we can do that now. :) Love your stuff!

Heather: Already a fan on FB with my business page...liked you on my personal page!

Nadine Medina: Hello from your newest FB fan ;)

Mary Sayetta: I'm a FB Fan!

Amanda Parker: Hello..new and a fan...my website is almost finished...new one very excited

Michelle Wachsmann: FB FAN!! <3 the stuff!