Educate YOU Giveaway!

January 27, 2011

Educate YOU Giveaway!

Up for giveaway today… back issues of Photovision DVDs.

I have about 13  Photovision DVDs from 2008, 2009 and a few from 2010 – Photovision is a subscription based DVD education series.  6 DVDs come per year with 2 hrs of interviews, seminars, watching photogs work:

Parker Pfister    Brian Kilan       Kirk Voclain         Lori Nordstrom     Sarah Petty         Brittany Hanson     Sana Antisdel         Gary & Marion Silber     Kia Bondurant         Eddie Tapp     Joe & Cheryl Ridgeway         Tim & Beverly Walden    Mike Fulton & Cody Cnton         Beth Jansen         Sana Antisdel & Kia Bondurant     Gary & Pam Box         Jue Klaasmeyer         Jeff Dunn         Travis Gugelman                Brian Demint                Kevin Jairaj    Zach & Jody Gray

Talk about:
Lighting     Posing     Style     Technique     Marketing     Sales     Business Management     Studio Design     Retouching Techniques     Workflow     Color Management     Studio Production


This giveaway is for Bowl-tographers!
If you purchase a bowl by Jan 28th OR have EVER purchased a bowl from Marketing and Props for Photographers… you can enter!
Make sure you’ve purchased a bowl THEN comment below to enter into the drawing…
you may get ONE extra entry if you post the link to this page or the facebook page and tell others about this contest and then come comment that you’ve done so.

Entry deadline Jan 28th midnight.  I will draw this weekend!

questions  debi @

**To make it even more fun – notice the BIG BOWL SALE on the largest bowl styles in the store !!**

/e photography: I LOVE my bowl and the other props I've gotten from this site. Debi's customer service can't be beat!

/e photography: I've left my comment on my site

melanie: I purchased 5 bowls yesterday, LOL! :) would love the resources! thanks!

Destinee: Great giveaway! I purchased a bowl. (Then won another! Sweet!) Would love to win this I keep debating about joining photovision. Would you recommend it? Thanks!

admin: I do recommend it... for the price it's neat to see other photographers working and you get tidbits of "oh yeah - I should do that"... :)

Kim: I purchased a bowl this week. Haven't used one yet, but am so excited to do so!

Kristy: This is an awesome giveaway! I just purchased a bowl yesterday. The anticipation is about to kill me, I can't wait to get it!

Kristy: I just posted a link to your FB page on my FB wall!

Ellie Marks: I got my first bowl two weeks ago and cannot wait to use it!Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

stephanie krupicka: I have a bowl and I love it! I would love to win! :)

Amanda: I have been looking for these bowls, and I found the place to get them! Can't wait to get my bowl and use it! You guys are great!!

Michelle Scroggins: I just purchased a bowl. Should be on its way! Can't wait to photog it!

Michelle Scroggins: Also posted a link on my wall!

Elise: Just recieved my bowl the other I'm waiting for my next newborn client!! :)

Lori Todd: Got my first bowl last week and dying to try it. It's beautiful, thanks so much.

Heather Esposito: LOVE my newborn bowl! So impressed with it's construction and how authentic it looks!!

Melissa Espindola: I haven't had the chance to use my bowl yet but I can't wait!!!!! I love it! :)

valerie foley: Love the bowl, 3 day old fell right asleep comfortable and was a great shoot!! Thanks I will take it with me for all newborns!

Laura Flores: I love my newborn bowl! Posted this on FB

Terra Yates: I purchased my first bowl the beginning of this month & LOVE IT!! I would LOVE to win one & have another bowl~ They are well made & perfect size!!

Bruce: I ordered two bowls a couple of weeks ago. I have a newborn shoot coming up and can't wait to use them. They look great!

remi: I love your bowls!! I want more!! Can we get bamboo bowls and plates? It's MUCH more sustainable than our tree friends...!!!!

admin: GREAT - glad everyone is loving their bowls!! don't forget to share pics when you get to use them too :)

Kim D.: I LOVE my new bowl! It just came in the mail and I can't wait for a newborn shoot to use it!!

Terra Yates: Added the link to my facebook page- Left a comment earlier because I own one of your bowls! :) Thanks for the giveaway!!!

jodi pfunder: Love my bowl! Thanks so much :)

Shana Whipple: LOVE my bowl. They are the perfect size for newborns. Thanks!

Jenny Singleton: I just got my bowl, and I looking forward to using it tomorrow!!

Lisa England: I have been looking all over the web for one of these bowls and finally happened upon this site. I ordered my bowl 2 weeks ago and cannot wait to get it!! They look amazing!

Michelle White: I just bought a bowl and love it! Just used it yesterday with a newborn! super cool!

Nancy: I just got my notched trencher bowl and really love it, it looks very realistic. Now I just a newborn session to try it out! I would also like to get the garden bowl some day ;-)

Kathryn Manning: I just purchased my bowl and I love it. I am now knitting a blankie for it and getting ready to take some awesome shots with it.

Trisha: I purchased a bowl about 2 weeks ago. I can't wait to get it :) I'd love to have the chance for this drawing!!

Kim VP: I love the bowl, just purchased it, but am so excited to try it out some more.

Jennifer Mullinax: I've ordered a bowl...can't wait to use it!!

admin: Thanks for entering the Educate YOU contest! We have a winner! LISA ENGLAND *I've emailed you*