Collapsible Backdrop Review!

March 11, 2011

Review:  Collapsible Backdrop AND Stand!

I got my collapisble background from  Photographic Backdrop and decided to test it out.

It arrived very nicely packaged in a small, manageable carrying bag.  I opened it up and it’s taller than me!  It is 5×6 so I mathematically expected that but this thing is fairly large, especially when you think it popped up from this tiny little bag :)

The collapsible background is reversible so I get 2 backgrounds out of one. (mine:  Lakeside)

This system is great for when I want to quickly change up the background just for 1 or 2 shots – ie baby on black is now on a white blanket so I want something besides a white or black background but only for 2 shots – pop it in the shot, take it out – no need to mess with clamping muslins or rolling and unrolling paper just for that.

Or my maternity shoots – primarily done on black because we love the contrast, sometimes mom’s favorite outfit is dark and needs one or 2 shots with a lighter background.  Enter pop up background (and some cute parents :) )!

Location shooting is definitely easier on me – it took me 3 minutes to set this up and that includes getting it out of the shipping box – whereas my backdrop and stand it takes me about 15 (and forget about the time I forgot my clamps and had to hold my backdrop with BOBBY PINS! THAT won’t happen with this set up).  I recently took it to a headshot session for a doctor office and was able to carry all my equip, background and lights in one trip!  While being fairly large in size, the collapsible backdrop is still smaller than a backdrop with stands if space is a concern :)

AND I LOVE how the muslin is instantly wrinkle free – I typically let my muslins hang overnight to release some wrinkles but this is stretched nice and tight!

Draw backs:  it is not made for full length shooting or when you will include the floor in your composition – you’ll see the stand and rim of the drop in your shot.
It is not designed for groups – being 5 feet wide (6 feet if you turn it sideways which I did for the group of 3 above) this is a 1-2 person set up (3-4 for close headshots) – perfect (and quite large) for what I do, but maybe not so much for large group photography.
I won’t be using this in place of the other backdrops in my studio, but this is definitely a wise purchase in terms of being able to add variety to my shoots without the space and fuss required for my other backdrops AND in terms of manageable location setups!

My only wish – to somehow incorporate covers so I can throw a black sheet over it and use it for a third (or forth or fifth) backdrop without acquiring more equipment…  hint hint :)
Get yours at Photographic Backdrop
{pssssst  I talked them into a 15% discount thru April!  use code “LifesImages”  :)  }