Bowl Blankie Giveaway!

February 7, 2011

Congrats to our Bowl Blankie winner: Nikki from Serendipity Photography!

Giveaway: Bowl Blankie!

Marketing and Props is giving away a Bowl Blankie :)

Multi colored Bowl Blankie – very stretchy, very soft, hand-knit and custom sized to fit newborn bowls :)

How to Enter:

1. Become a FAN and Like  Marketing and Props on Facebook
2. Leave a comment below to say you’ve done so – this is your entry
3. ONE Extra entry – Suggest this giveaway to friends or post in a forum and leave comment saying you’ve done so
***International winners will be asked to pay postage***

Entries End Feb 9th

{Do me a favor and complete the quick survey on Bowl Blankie colors here }

Lesli Hampton: I was already a fan.

Heather Schreffler: Love it, its gorgeous:) Been a fan for a while.

susan R: old fan!

YellowHouse Photography: I am a fan! love you stuff! twitted you to all my followers!

Karla: Beautiful! Am already a fan - looking forward to purchasing a bowl soon :)

April Cooper: I am a FB fan.. LOVE the bowl blankie!!

Dianne Kinzenbaw: I've been a your props.

Anna Watkins: I am a Fan! Love the Bowl Blankie!! :) I am looking into purchasing a bowl soon! <3

Katherine Atkinson: I'm already a HUGE fan! Thanks for the chance at a wonderful bowl blankie!!

Kate Brown: Already a fan! thanks!

Kellie Agen: Already a fan :) LOVE this blankey! Love all your props :)

stephanie krupicka: Already a fan!!!

Kara Heck: I am already a fan!! :)

Kathryn Manning: already a fan but tweeted your giveaway @kmanningphoto

stephanie krupicka: Posted on my FB page!! :)

Vicky Johnson: Already a fan, love, love, love my bowl. Would love a blankie to complete it. :)

Fara Smith: Oh, pick me! Love it! I am already a HUGE FAN!!

Amy Redford (serenity Photography): I am already a fan!! :0)

Daniele: I'm already a fan! I'm just starting my new Photography business and this would be a great addition.

Melissa Au: I'm a fan!! Thanks for the chance!

raquel engle: LOVE the bowls! I can promise, when I purchase one, it's gonna be from you! Just waiting on my camera now.

Kayla Renckly: already a fan :)

Kathy: I am already a fan! Hooray! Love your products

renee stengel: Already a big fan - of the bowls and the blankets!

Danielle Dunn: Already a fan - i've got a bowl, but would LOVE a blanket!

Livia Wiemann: I am a fan! :)

Kelly V.: I'm a fan!

Ember Nelson: I"m a new fan! I love your products!

Annie Jump: I was already a fan, would love to win this blankie!

Emma Braford: Already a fan on facebook! Love your bowls.

Adina Abergel: I am a fan! Thanks so much!

Adina Abergel: I also tweeted, thanks!

Katey Thompson: Already a fan but don't have any props yet!!!!!

Billy: I have been a fan!

amanda reed: I am a fan!

Lora Phillippi: Really love this blanket! Just liked your Facebook page and can't wait to order some stuff from you.

Stacey Callaway: I am now a fan!! The bowls look awesome! I can't wait until I can get one!

LINDA: I 'liked' you and tweeted. =)

MDS Portraits: Already a fan! Just got a bubble gum blankie and its awesome! Would love this one too!

MDS Portraits: Posted the giveaway!

Nancy: I'm a fan.

Nikki: I'm already a fan too, but suggested it to friends :)

Renee: I'm a fan!

Yelitza Salazar: I am already a fan!! :)

Chesnye Gardner: Already a fan!!!

Caryn: Too cute! Great idea! I'm a fan, and have my eye on some of the blankies ;)

Sheila: I was already a fan! Thank you! :)

Jen Rinaldi Photography: I'd love to win one! I'm already a fan! :)

Fantacy: :) Already a fan! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

Fantacy: I also shared with friends on facebook via status update & link...

Holly G: Already been a fan - but oh, how pretty!!!

tracy: Already a fan!!!

Heidi Lawson: I'm a fan. This is a gorgeous blanket. I would love to win it!

Debbie: simply beautiful! have been a fatefull fan!

kristin starcher: I am a HUGE fan!!!!! Pick me! Pick me! (totally jumping up and down with my hand in the air =)

kristin starcher: I just gave a shout out on my business facebook page too, so please add my extra entry =) Let's do this! YEAH!

Vivian Matos: Already a fan :)

Andrea Sonnenberg: Already a fan!!! Just getting started with newborns. I would love to win!! Thanks!!

Sarah Gaylor: Was already a fan! Thanks for the contest :)

Sarah Gaylor: Gave you some love on my FB page too!

Vivian Matos: I shared!!!

Nancy: I'm a fan - and I love the trencher bowl I just got!!

Janice Morse: Already a fan on FB.

Janice Morse: Just shared on a photographer's group "Cool Chicks" on FB.

Charlene: I am a fan on FB!

Jennifer Nolan: Just became a fan =)

Charlene: Shared on my FB page!!!

sabrina morales: Already a huge fan

Kelly: I'm a FB fan!

RachelA: I'm a fan!

Allison Anderson: i'm a fan!

Kim: Was already a fan... love it!

Tammy: I'm a FB fan!

Tammy: a FB fan and loving it!

Joy H: I am already a FB fan! I have some of the bowls... so great!!!

Joy H: Posted on my FB page for the extra entry. Hope I win!!! :)

lin mccoul: love your props, long time fan :}

Jenna D: I am a new FB fan and LOVE YOUR STUFF! I hope to win this beautiful blanket!

Michelle Massey Barnes: I liked your site. Thank you for the chance to win.

raquel engle: already a fan on FB, but wanted to let you know, I also "shared" the contest on my facebook page for others to see. Thanks!

Lisa Hoogerwerf: I am SO a fan!! :) Fanned on FB!!

Heather fitch: already a fan

Heather fitch: posted on facebook

Susan: Became a fan on FB. Love your stuff.

Amanda campbell: I am already a huge Fan <3

Robert Brook: I'm a fan of your FB page. Love your products just wish I could get them in the UK

Warren Collins: I am a big fan the bowls are so earthy and natural love the products.

Billy: I just posted the link to the giveaway on my FB wall

Denice Honshtein: LOVE it!! Just started doing newborns, need props bad!! Love your stuff!

Tina L. Scott: Already a fan. LOVE your props!

Fara Smith: Gave a huge shout out on FB!

Anna Peterson: I'm a fan!

jillian miller: I am a fan!

Takeshia Monique: New fan! and love the calendar : )

Rosie Suerdieck: I am already a fan of your site, and I LOVE this blankie! Perfect for either gender, and it looks cuddly soft.

Jaimie Lyn Mickalson Photography: Already a Fan :o)

Anna Peterson: Posted a link on my page!

Mary McConville: BIG Fan on FB! Your bowls rock!

Manuella Pararas-Hulbert: I am a BIG fan!!!!!!!

Carrie Saindon: I am a FB fan!

Casey Green: I am already a FB fan! Love your bowls & articles!

Natalie Orona: i am a fan :o)

tiffany perras: Already a fan!

tiffany perras: Posted a link on the company's private social network on ning! We have over 3000 photographers =-)

Kari Turcotte: Already a fan!

Kari Turcotte: Posted on fb

Tiffany Hasenohr: Already a fan! Love your work!

Hollie girvan: I'm a new fan!

Jenny Tompkins: Already a big fan!

Jen Chesnut: I am already a fan! Thank you.

Sondra corcoran: I AM A HUGE FAN!!

Wendy Valderrama: I am such a fan!

admin: Entry for Danielle Crane

Megan: Fan and lovin' it!

erica williams: Im already a fan:)

Justin Storm: I am already a fan!! :)

Kim: Already a fan :)

Sandi B: I've been a fan!

erica williams: I tweeted:

Kellie Agen: Shared the contest news with friends!! Yay I hope I win! I LOVE your props!!

Geri Bragg: Already a huge fan ! Love this blanket =)

Leah: long time fan - hope I win :)

Katie A: This is my entry!! :) I'm already a fan!!

Natasha: would love to win!

tiffany a: I am already a huge fan!!!! Good luck to everyone!!

Vicki: Already a fan too - Pick me!!

Stephanie B: Would love to win! :) Already a HUGE fan of yours and posted on my facebook page for all my friends to see! Thanks!!

Lerin: I'm already a fan!

Stefanie: I am already a fan. I would LOOOVE to win, I love the colors ;]

sabrina rose: I am a fan!

Angela Little: Already a fan! This blanket is the perfect accessory to your bowls!

Nikki Mulkern: I am already a fan!!!!!! =)

Lon Newby: Been a fan, staying a fan! :) Great stuff!

Sarah Tendrup: Already a fan! I would LOVe to win! =)

Andrea: Already a fan!! Need this win to start my business. :) Thanks!

Melissa Vicente: Already a fan! :) love your stuff!

Laura Flores: Im already a big fan!

Lisa Valencia: Huge fan!

Kim Hicks: I was already a fan, hope I win!

Kim Hicks: I shared this giveaway on FB to my wall. I hope my fellow photographer friends find there way on over.

Sheri: I'm a fan!

Ashley Jade Brooks: Already a fan!! :)

Ashley Ferreira: i am a fan! wish me luck!


Margie Hatcher: I am sooooooooooo glad that I found you guy! This is awesome!

Alison Carlino: Would love to try this out! I love putting babies in odd locations :)