Marketing and Props Affiliate

Earn rewards for spreading the word about our digital products!
You earn 30% of each purchase that is generated by your referrals.

It couldn’t be easier – click the link to sign up, get an affiliate link (and buttons and banners) to share with your friends or clients – when they use your link to make a purchase, you get a commission!

Join Marketing and Props Affiliate Program!
Affiliate program is administered through E-junkie, and earnings are paid at the end of every month via PayPal ($20 minimum).
Once you’ve joined you can use the banners/buttons along with your affiliate link to spread the word!

Banners and Images

How to spread the word

Share your link on Facebook and Twitter
Write a blog review and include your link (I will be happy to send a digital product for your review)
Mention in your email newsletters
Advertise during contests
Simply show a banner and link on one of your website pages or in the ad column

It’s your choice regarding how aggressive to be in your affiliate marketing  – if you want to be really aggressive and push a lot of sales the sky’s the limit for both of us! …   at the very least if you put up your link and someone happens to click & buy, you could earn a little spending money  :)

Sample Posts

Tip! Upload one of the above photos to Facebook, then insert the above status update as the photo description. It looks MUCH better than posting a link and letting Facebook auto generate a small thumbnail.

  • After reading The Charitable Marketing guide from [affiliate-link-here] I have so many ideas to build my business.
  • See how to promote your business through charitable projects in The Charitable Marketing Guide [affiliate-link-here]
  • Marketing is working when clients walk in the door. This marketing guide can help [affiliate-link-here]
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